3 Car-Buying Tips From Former Car Dealership Employees

Most people are not aware of the full process of car buying, or how to optimize it, before diving in. They simply go to a dealership, fancy a vehicle, sign a lease, and get a new automobile – all without realizing that they could have bought the same car at a better price. But here are some important and interesting tips from former dealership employees that will allow you to purchase your next vehicle at a bargain. 

3 Car-Buying Tips From Former Car Dealership Employees

Always Negotiate With the Salesperson

Believe it or not, prices in car dealerships aren’t set in stone. They are open to discussion! Buyers can negotiate everything from the price of the vehicle to the interest rate of their loans. Don’t be shy to haggle and ask for a better deal. Most salespersons would be inclined to assist you as they receive a percentage of each sale and making a deal for a slightly lower price would seem like a reasonable compromise. Bargaining is the best tool when it comes to car-buying – you shouldn’t usually leave having paid the same price as was listed

Buying a new automobile is great, but purchasing a car that has been previously leased can also have its advantages. Sometimes, people aren’t able to pay their lease, and their vehicles get repossessed. Ask your dealership to show you these automobiles. Often they have no more than a few thousand miles and are worth half-the-price of their brand new counterparts. This is because all cars are greatly depreciated as soon as they leave the parking lot of the dealership. 

Arrange Financing Before You Start Car Shopping

3 Car-Buying Tips From Former Car Dealership Employees

Car dealerships make most of their profit on financing and insurance. According to different studies, 89.6% of new-car deals and 73.2% of used car sales are done through financing. Getting preapproved for a loan is a powerful way to ensure you are getting an excellent deal that will enable you to skip any markups that dealerships might try to tack onto your deal.

Now that you have insider information on how things work, use your new knowledge during your next car-buying negotiations and get the deal you truly deserve!