French Automaker Citroën Releases New Washing Machine-Reminiscent EV

Just last month, the famous French automaker Citroën announced their newest tiny electric vehicle they named Ami. The car isn’t meant to go very fast, nor to be a luxurious EV. On the contrary, it’s intended to be cheap and, well, tiny. Here’s what you need to know about Ami.

The Electric Car That Resembles a Washing Machine

French Automaker Citroën Releases New Washing Machine-Reminiscent EV

Although many compare it to an appliance rather than a car, Ami is perfectly capable of taking passengers from point A to B…at a maximum speed of just 28 miles per hour, and with the power of an 8-horsepower electric motor. The engineering genius behind Ami has made it possible for this car to have as few unique parts as possible. For example, the right door is the same as the left door, and the auto body parts used for the front end of the vehicle are exactly like the ones used in the back. Talk about French efficiency!

The Perfect Town Car

French Automaker Citroën Releases New Washing Machine-Reminiscent EV

Ami is a lightweight car that is intended for use primarily in cities, so its range per charge is only 43 miles. Fortunately, it will only take about three hours to charge it fully using an electrical outlet in the comfort of your home. Reminiscent of the iconic 2CV model by Citroën, the Ami follows the same minimalistic philosophy of innovation and accessibility. Unlike Tesla, the goal of the French automaker is to start with affordable electric cars and move up from there, and not the other way around, which explains the logic behind Ami.

It Can Be Driven by Teenagers!

Under European laws, the two-seat car can also be driven by teenagers as old as 14 or 16 without a driver’s license. Yes, it sounds like a four-wheeled scooter which constitutes a quadricycle vehicle. The Ami is legally treated the same way since it falls in the category of a “voiture sans permis,” which is French for “car without license.” Can you imagine that?