Electric Cars Are Set To Take Over, Starting In 2020

According to automotive analysts, the next wave of car models hitting the market in Europe is bigger than ever – and it’s heavily electric.

Throughout the last decade, the number of electric models available to European buyers stayed under 100. Next year, that count will jump to 175 – nearly doubling. And from many current reports, the experts are estimating that the number will be 330 within 5 years.

electric cars
Electric Cars Are Set To Take Over, Starting In 2020

Up until now, most electric models were targeting a more niche market audience. But the plans for many of these upcoming vehicle releases seem to be entirely mainstream. With many of the biggest manufacturers in the world have struggled to lower the carbon dioxide emissions of their products in response to recent environmental regulations, they’ve started to believe that simply going electric is their best bet. This includes many auto favorites, like Mini Cooper and Fiat.

In many ways, it seems like there’s no going back from this shift in manufacturing. Demand for petrol-powered vehicles is already going down. And with so many laws emerging that pose problems for these vehicles, there seems to be no going back. The laws are quite severe, penalizing carbon dioxide emissions over 95g per kilometre with a fine of €95 (£79) – per gram – multiplied by the amount of that model which was sold.

The law goes into effect January 1, 2020.

Here are the 5 models to keep an eye out for:

Volkswagen ID.3
Price: under £26,000, range: 205 miles, due in early 2020
This carbon neutrally-produced model was quite predictable following the VW scandal to cheat on their emissions tests, but with an SUV model trailing in this classic’s footsteps, they have made quite the effort.

Vauxhall Corsa-e
Price: £26,490, range: 209 miles, due in April 2020
The Corsa shares its core parts with Peugeot’s e-208, another supermini produced by the PSA Group. It’s essentially an electric makeover for an existing favorite.

electric cars
Electric Cars Are Set To Take Over, Starting In 2020

Tesla Model Y
Price: about £30,300, range: 230 miles, production starting in summer 2020
Having started the electric car race, Tesla is one company we can always expect to be at the head of a new electric era. The latest to look out for is the Model Y, a compact SUV that can fit seven people.

Ford Mustang Mach-E
Price: about £35,000, range: 370 miles, expected late 2020
The Mach-E is coming to bring its flare to the family-friendly SUV market. Mustang has been unique in its approach to build its first all-electric vehicle as an SUV.

electric cars
Electric Cars Are Set To Take Over, Starting In 2020

Fiat 500 Electric
Price: about £28,000, range: tba, due in late 2020
Fiat has had to take the reparations approach after receiving a lot of flack about the gas-guzzling Jeep.