Renting A Car Is Getting Easier With Facial Recognition Technology

One of the most frustrating parts of renting a car when you go on vacation is that after the long journey to your destination, you end up stuck in a succession of interminable lines. When you finally reach the rental desk, your wait continues to be prolonged by the endless pile of paperwork that needs to be filled out before getting to take the car for a spin. Now, Hertz has announced that they’re employing new technology in order to streamline the process.

Working with the biometric security company Clear, Hertz has unrolled what they call the “Hertz Fast Lane powered by Clear” at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. The fast lane employs technology from Clear that will use facial recognition and fingerprints in order to let Hertz’s Gold Plus Rewards members get their cars faster. The only catch is that they’ll have to enroll in Clear separately.

The fast lane itself might be free, however, using the facial recognition technology offered by Clear will require an extra charge. For those who travel often and find themselves in a time crunch may find that signing up for Clear will be well worth the money. They may only be at one airport currently, but the rental car behemoth plans on expanding the offering to more than 40 other airports.

According to Hertz, those who are signed up for the program will be able to get their cars in  “30 seconds or less – a time savings of at least 75 percent.” Though many statistics claim it only takes two minutes from start to finish when it comes to getting a car, many who have gone through the process can definitely attest to the fact that it takes more time. Even so, biometric processes for travel security are becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire world, including the United States.