What Happens Going Over Speed Bumps Too Quickly?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you drove into a road bump at full speed, instead of slowing down? Don’t take out your vehicle or do this dangerous thing – the car enthusiasts from the Warped Perspective Youtube channel did this quite interesting and risky experiment for you.

What Could Go Wrong?

What Happens Going Over a Speed Bump at Too Quickly?

The host of the show was very curious to see how a suspension of a vehicle reacts to high-speed impacts from bumps in the road. He used a Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan and many slow-motion cameras to various types of speed bumps. The body panels of the vehicle were removed so the camera could pick up the suspension, giving us, the curious viewers a great look at how the impact travels through the components of the car.

Speed Bumps Are No Joke

What’s more interesting is seeing how the tires of the Mercedes react to the impact and how they work hard together with the suspension system to even out the bumps. There were two high-speed tests, and in one of them, the speed bumps were totally absorbed by the tires. They left the suspension, and the vehicle undisrupted. Of course, with other types of bumps, the suspension bottoms out and slams the tire into the car.

It’s a dangerous experiment, but it’s really fun to watch.

What Happens Going Over a Speed Bump at Too Quickly?

The video of the experiment is a follow-up to a video the channel did back in 2017. Back then, they tested pothole impacts at high speeds, using the same camera equipment and car. The results of the two experiments are equally spectacular. If you are a vehicle enthusiast and have an extra second, it’s worth a watch. It’s a safer option than going out with your vehicle and trying this dangerous experiment yourself. This is something that should be left to experienced and professional drivers.