Amazon’s #1 Car Vacuum Just for $25

From dirt, Dorito dust, cookie crumbs, dog hair, leaves, pieces of paper, dust – all these things always manage to find a special place in your car, but not anymore. For just $25, you can suck all that filth out and be rewarded with a car as clean and fresh as a new one.

Save on $$$ by Reducing Visits to Car Wash.

Now, you do not have to rush to the car wash every time you spill something. Next time you spill your food on the carpet, just grab the ThisWorx car vacuum from the trunk, plug it into your car’s 12v outlet and suck all the dust out like a pro. The HEPA filter of the vacuum also eradicates allergens, ensuring your car is clean and healthy. This investment will save you $$$ on car washes.

All About ThisWorx Car Vacuum

While cordless vacuums have been popular for their convenience, they lack the power and ability to make your car squeaky clean. However, the ThisWorx car vacuum has a 106w motor, powerful enough to remove the most stubborn particles. It comes with a 16 feet cord, making it a cakewalk to get in between seat cushions and down the sides. The stiff brush attachment lets you clear every persistent mess. The hand vac also includes a brush nozzle for pet hair. The clear trash container will enable you to watch all the debris going into the machine, making the process rather satisfying.

A Must-Have Road-Travel Partner

This vacuum is a great companion for your road trips. You tend to eat in your car and so, spills are likely to happen. This vacuum will make sure that you do not have to spend the night in a dirty car. The reviews are all praises for this car vac. A 1028 Dodge Durango owner feels that the vac is ‘awesome.’ Another review came in from a ride-share driver claiming that regular use of the vac has helped him score some great tips.