3 Bond-Style Car Gadgets We Dream For

We love James Bond for everything he does and owns. The super spy never failed to make our jaw drop with his superhero-like moves and supercool techs. Thanks to the films’ CGI, the famous Bond wheels are super-powered with the help of a raft of gadgets. But, if you could get your hands on it, which one of these 007 gears would you like to fit in your own car? Here are a few options to choose from.

Ejector Seat

Ejector Seat is the ultimate Bond gear. As seen for the first time, the tempting red button remains hidden under the flip-top gear knob. Once pressed, the roof of the car will slide and the passenger seat will pop out through the air just instantly. It’s a great way to remove bad-mannered or suspicious passengers from your car, whenever you want. Also, who needs stairs or lifts, when you can pass your shopping bags straight up to your apartment balcony?

Remote Control

This is perhaps every child’s dream to see his remote-controlled toy cars in reality! Then comes the Bond movies and the superspy controlled his 75oiL from afar in Tomorrow Never Dies. The remote sensing lock system and window sliding in cars have got our hopes high! But remote-controlled life-sized four-wheelers are still a few years off. Keep patience, people!

Deployable Tire Studs

This is one of the most supercool handy gears. These innovative tires can deploy studs whenever you need them, just with a push of a button. This will give you relief from the hazard of changing your tire, whenever roads get slippery in the snow. If you can get this one for real, there will be no worry to plan a winter long drive or a snowy weekend getaway. Are you already imagining what life would be like with them? We don’t blame you. We do it all the time.