This Car Detailing Putty is Amazing for Cleaning Household Items

Is it even a car ride if it’s not filled with people singing songs and binging on chips and burgers? From car food dates to eating the takeout in a hurry when you are on the go – not eating in the car is never an option. But food in the car means food crumbs everywhere – even in the places a vacuum just can’t reach. Well, what used to look like a job for a professional cleaner overnight became a fun and simple task thanks to the car cleaning putty. Well, car cleaning gels have been around for quite some time now, but people have started realizing their multi-purpose use.

Use Car Cleaning Gels at Home

The car cleaning gel-like Pulidiki’s is gaining popularity because of how easy it is to use and efficient at its job. The snotty-looking gel is one of Amazon’s top-selling products in the automotive category. It was designed to clean messy cupholders console, buttons, vents, and all the other small nook and corner of your car. But like every great product – people have figured out that it can be used in creative ways at home too. Need your laptop keyboard cleaned? Putty. Need your remote control cleaned? Putty? Need to clean your lego set? You guessed it – Putty. The cleaning gel can work its magic on any surface that is water-resistant. All you have to do is take the gel and stick it on the dusty surface, the putty will collect all the dust on the surface, and you have a clean surface on your hand. What’s more? The gel is reusable and is an eco-friendly product for cleaning with a light lavender smell.

What People Have to Say

Customers who have already used the product have only good things to say about the product, with one review saying that the gel came in super handy during the ongoing window repairing work to collect all the crevices even from the hard-to-reach places. Another review read – how it has made cleaning simple and fun.