This Clever Gadget Can Turn a Pickup Into a Dump Truck in 30 Seconds

Loading logs on a truckDon’t you wish there was a way to convert your pickup into a dump truck every now and then when you have to unload some cargo? If only there was a way to make that happen… But wait, there actually is! This smart gadget called Loadhandler is just the thing you need. It can help you unload a full truck bed in less than half a minute. Sounds too good to be true? We have the details below!

A Pickup & a Dump Truck All Into One

A Pickup & a Dump Truck All Into One The Loadhandler can both save you time and improve your day-to-day chores. You will work smarter and not harder with this gadget. The best part? It’s really easy to use. You first need to load the drag sheet and then use the heavy-duty roller bar crank system to unload your cargo. In less than a minute, you will be able to unload soil, mulch, rock, firewood, feed, construction materials, brick, you name it. You no longer have to rely on your neighbor’s dump truck to help out whenever you need to get mulch or soil for the lawn or firewood for the house. It’s a time and hassle saver!

Convenient and Reliable to Use

In terms of configuration, the Loadhandler can fit tailgates that are 62’’ to 69’’ wide, so keep that in mind before you buy your gadget. It also has a carrying capacity of 3,000 lb, so you can use it for many types of cargo. The Loadhandler pickup truck unloader is available on Amazon for as little as $118.99, and it’s the perfect present for a friend or yourself and your family. Imagine how much easier unloading things from the trunk will be with this smart accessory. It will spare you potential backaches and injuries, too! Save your back, get a Loadhandler!