America Sees a Huge Increase In Electric Car Sales

There is an electric revolution coming to the motor industry, and even America is seeing huge increases in the number of electric vehicles on the road. Once seen as the gas-guzzling center of the world, American car customers are moving with the times and more people than ever are switching to electric. It might not be the end of the gas engine just yet, but there’s no denying that electric vehicles are enjoying a larger share of the market than ever before.

America Sees a Huge Increase In Electric Car Sales

The Industry Leader

Tesla is the company making a big impression on the automotive industry, and its sales are going through the roof. After months spent dedicated to worldwide distribution, it seems as though Tesla is focused on rolling out more vehicles on home soil. Just in June 2019, Tesla is believed to have sold over 25,000 units, which is more than twice the number of vehicles they sold the year before.

In June 2018, Tesla was understood to have sold 11,202 electric vehicles. The demand is growing, and it’s not just Tesla that can shift their electric cars, although the manufacturer does account for around two-thirds of EV sales.

America Sees a Huge Increase In Electric Car Sales

Making Waves

Toyota, Honda, and Chevrolet are all enjoying increased sales of their electric vehicles, while Nissan, BMW, and Audi are also enjoying more EV sales. June 2019 has entered the top five sales months for electric vehicles, with a total of 37,818 sold in the United States. The most sales of electric cars came in December 2018 when a total of 49,900 EVs were sold on American shores.

Plug-in vehicles are on the rise and the more sold increases the chances of you coming into contact with them. With more people converting to electric power, the EV revolution is getting one step closer.