This New Steering Wheel Knows When You’re Touching It

It’s no secret that the car world is embracing new technology on a daily basis. It seems as though every new car comes with a nifty little feature that the one before was missing, and while some of these features don’t get as much use as they possibly could, there are others that change the way that we drive. This is certainly the case for the new Mercedes E-Class steering wheel.

New Additions

Over the years, car software has improved dramatically. New tech has allowed drivers to feel safe in their cars, thanks to parking sensors, in-built GPS systems, speed controllers, and even sensors that tell you when you’re driving too close to the lines. Yes, these driver assistance systems are great, but sometimes they can get pretty annoying. This is especially true when it comes to steering wheel additions.

Keeping Your Hands On The Wheel

There are many cars out there that have tech built into the steering wheel, to ensure that you are driving safely at all times. While this is a great addition to have, it does cause people a nuisance every now and then. For example, if you are driving along a straight stretch of road for a while, this assistance system will kick in and ask you to wiggle the steering wheel to ensure that you are still driving. Thankfully, the new Mercedes E-Class has changed this feature.

Knowing Your Moves

In fact, the new feature on the upgraded E-Class means that you don’t have to do any strange wiggles at all. That’s because this wheel comes complete with two-zone sensors that are able to detect whether you are holding it or not based on your touch, rather than your movement. As long as your hands are on the wheel – as they should be – you should have no problems at all.

This new feature is definitely something we hope we’ll be seeing more of.