The Race Navigator Gadget Can Help Drivers Improve Their Skills

Automobile manufacturers have the tendency to update each new iteration of their sports cars, making them quicker and more agile. While buying a new vehicle can be tempting, there is another way to drive rapidly without spending thousands of dollars. Instead, make yourself faster by enhancing your driving skills with the aid of an incredible gadget called Race Navigator (RN).

BMW M235i Race Car on the trackAsk any automotive aficionado or race team, and they will all tell you that RN is currently the most intuitive telemetry system on the market. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are several more reasons why you should get one for your car.

It Improves Driving Skills

Race Navigator is an onboard telemetry device that uses automobile data and cameras to record laps. It allows drivers to combine a video of their laps with the car’s telemetry to analyze their driving. It provides information about speed, braking, throttle, G readouts, and more. By examining errors and rewatching footage, professional races and amateur speed enthusiasts can easily hone their skills and become more confident behind the steering wheel of vehicles.

Race Navigator Improves Driving Skills Race Navigator is Easy to Use

Many drivers wrongly assume that NR is a complex system that is hard-to-use. In reality, however, the device is extremely easy to set up and use. It features built-in cameras to capture high-definition footage of laps. The menu is very intuitive, meaning that there is almost no learning curve. The system can be controlled via smartphone and tablet through the gadget’s app.

Race Navigator is Easy to Use Different Options Are Available

There are different versions of Race Navigator on the market. Users can choose their device depending on their budget and needs. The entry-level system includes an HD camera, 64 GB of storage, cable extensions, and a roll cage amount. Аnd ит costs just a little less than $2,000. The most expensive version is designed for race teams and comes with a price tag of slightly over $5,000.

Race Navigator Closeup PhotoInvesting in RN will do more than ameliorate your driving skills. It will also boost your confidence and increase the pleasure of driving at high speeds on race tracks.