It’s 2020 and Lamborghini Is Now an Official SUV Maker

Many Lamborghini lovers know that the company is all about building every vehicle by hand. If you look it up, you’ll find that the factory is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese – just a few miles away from Bologna, Italy. This gives many fans the romantic notion of a quiet shed, where a bunch of pizza-loving mechanics are building classic sports cars for sophisticated car lovers.

Well, not this time.

Lamborghini is now officially an SUV company. A very successful one.

It’s 2020 and Lamborghini Is Now an Official SUV Maker

The company’s sales have risen by a strangling 43%. The total of 8,205 Lamborghinis was delivered in 2019. The USA consumers alone are responsible for almost 2,500 of that number. Their successor model?

The Urus SUV

Out of the 8,205 vehicles, 4,962 were Uruses. In other words, 60% of their last year’s production was SUV vehicles. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to conclude that going an official SUV maker is the right thing to do. However, for those who are not into huge and heave 4x4s, Lamborghini has promised the successors to the V12 Aventatod and V10 Huracan to be hybrids.

Let’s get back to the romantic idea of Lamborghini’s quit factory in the countryside. After the Urus success, the headquarters in Bolognese doubled in size. We are hoping for them to double the numbers in 2019. It’s time for Lambo to finally put it on a level footing with their eternal rival Ferrari in global volume terms.

It’s 2020 and Lamborghini Is Now an Official SUV Maker

Speaking of global terms, except for the USA being the biggest sale territory, China and the UK are also quite impactful in the numbers. Even Italy hit a record with 370 sales in 2019 which is only 17 fewer than the Middle East.

The Lamborghini SUV

Currently, the Lamborghini’s SUV line-up comprises of one stand-alone model. You don’t need to choose engines or trim levels for your Urus. It’s a 4.0-liter V8 with 641bhp. That said, you have plenty of options for wheel sizes, interior upholstery colors, and plenty of carbon fiber paneling. More sensible options include a hands-free tailgate and additional active safety systems.