2024 Porsche SUVs: What’s New on the Macan and Cayenne

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Porsche’s SUVs are getting a makeover in 2024! See what’s new with the Macan and Cayenne, and decide for yourself if these changes are an improvement or a downgrade.


Get ready for an EV version of the Macan! The electric model is expected to carry a 100-kWh battery, likely providing more than 300 miles of range. People won’t have to wait long to charge the Macan, as it’ll be able to charge at 270 kW with DC fast charging. While this car is a great option for someone interested in purchasing an EV, it is anticipated to be quite expensive.


The new Cayenne is most noticeable by its re-designed headlight, tweaked suspension, and improved interior tech. This model offers fantastic plug-in hybrid options, superior off-road performance, and a lot of versatility.

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That said, it’s pretty pricey and offers very limited cargo space. Overall, the Cayenne may not be the best option for everyone.