The DBS Superleggera Might Be The Finest Car In Aston Martin’s History

In many ways, Aston Martin is to Great Britain what car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini are to Italy. These cars are not just works of art, but they are a source of national pride. And it seems like James Bond’s car brand of choice is only getting stronger with its latest entry – the DBS Superleggera.

superleggera 1

If you think of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast, then you can have an idea of the heights that Aston Martin is trying to reach with the DBS Superleggera. In many ways, both cars are trying to usher their brands into the present and beyond, incorporating a historically and culturally significant name with new and exciting features and tech.

Having risen from the ashes of the DB11, the DBS has similar features, but ones that are bigger, better, slicker and more beautiful. This can be seen in the car’s exterior, from its skirts and its grille to the wing and diffuser.

The slick design facilitates its 211mph top speed. However, if you are not interested in reaching high-speeds with it, and simply want to take the more scenic route in life, then you are getting behind the wheel of one of the most beautiful cars of the last decade.

superleggera 2

The DBS Superleggera has everything you’d come to expect from a leading car manufacturer. And seeing that its name literally translates to “superlight,” that should give an indication of what the car aims to achieve. Its 5.2-liter engine means that this is a fine balance between automotive sophistication and sheer ferocity.

It’s not just the exterior and mechanics of the car that make this Aston Martin a force to be reckoned with. The interior speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s goal to breathe consistency into every aspect of its cars. With an eight-speed gearbox, adaptability is the name of the game here.

superleggera 3

Whether it’s Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston or Idris Elba who become the next James Bond, you can rest assured that he (or she) will be more than happy to get behind the wheel of this instant classic.