The New Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Is More of Everything

Bentley has been in the luxury car business for almost 100 years, and they’ve shown no signs of slowing down. Their latest flagship model, the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner, comes equipped with everything you could want in a high-end automobile. That’s not all, this new version has more than any previous Bentley model.

The Different Models

The Continental GT’s newest and highest-end Mulliner includes significant improvements upon what is established by the Sport Line. They include all-wheel steering, electronically limited-slip differential, torque-vectoring (which includes using the brakes), and an active all-wheel-drive system. In addition, as with the GT Sport, the GT Mulliner’s Bentley and Comfort drive modes splits power evenly between the front and rear wheels.


Mulliner cars are not easy to miss. A noticeable exterior design feature is the new double diamond matrix grille. One thing they can always spot is the fender vents in silver or black, as well as any chrome or black trim around the mirror caps. The car’s highest speed is 208 mph, with 0 to 60 mph based on 650 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.


Eight three-colour combinations for the interior are offered to the customer, with a primary and secondary hide and a third flowing design line to provide contrasting colors. You can also decide on one of the other colors from the range. There are 712 individual stitches in each diamond pattern on the stitching. In addition, Mulliner logos can be seen on the seats; there are 88 piano wood veneers for the center console and an indented or smooth hide roof for the fixed glass roof.


There is more chrome on this car than anything we’ve ever seen. Even though there are still large expanses of body-color aluminum and fiberglass, nearly every surface is shiny — even what’s typically textured rubber is embossed with repeating squares like some high-end patio furniture.