Bugatti Chiron Follow-Up Will Be Unveiled in 2024 With a Hybrid V-8

Bugatti to Reveal the Hybrid V-8 Powered Bugatti Chiron Next Year

Bugatti’s highly-anticipated Chiron successor promises to be a game-changer for the brand, featuring significant transformations and a shift toward hybrid technology. While the company has confirmed its hybrid nature, some details remain shrouded in mystery. Let’s explore what Bugatti Chiron has in store for the next hyper-car chapter of the brand.

Shift in Powertrain for a Sustainable Performance

The forthcoming hyper-car Bugatti Chiron, set to debut next year, will mark a major departure from the brand’s signature W-16 engine. Instead, it will feature a V-8 hybrid powertrain, leveraging the expertise of Rimac, the Croatian automaker that merged with Bugatti in 2021. This move signals Bugatti’s commitment to sustainability and aligns with the industry’s growing focus on eco-friendly performance. While the hyper-car undergoes a powertrain transformation, Bugatti assures fans that all the iconic design elements will remain intact. The distinctive horseshoe grille and C-shaped side bodywork, synonymous with Bugatti’s heritage since the 1934 Type 57, will continue to define the brand’s aesthetic appeal.

Lighter Build on a New Chassis

Lighter Build on a New Chassis

Swapping the massive W-16 engine for a more compact V-8 setup will result in a lighter vehicle. The new hyper-car will be built around a new chassis, enhancing its performance capabilities and agility. The anticipated weight reduction is poised to elevate driving dynamics and overall handling. Bugatti’s interior designer Aldo Maria Sica promises that the Bugatti Chiron successor’s cabin will exude elegance and opulence, much like its predecessor. But the hyper-car may feature a large central touchscreen, enhancing the infotainment system and introducing modern technology to the driving experience.

Futuristic Step With an Exclusive Price Tag

Bugatti’s commitment to exclusivity continues with the upcoming hyper-car, expected to surpass the $5 million price tag of the limited-edition Mistral, the final Bugatti with the W-16 motor. With the new Bugatti Chiron successor, the brand reaffirms its dedication to offering unparalleled luxury and performance to a select clientele. Bugatti also sets its sights on a groundbreaking milestone – its first electric car.