The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

It’s been confirmed by Hyundai’s N performance division, that the Veloster N will gain an automatic transmission soon. The powerful hatchback was available as a manual-only car before, but it will soon have an automatic eight-speed dual-clutch. Hyundai will add this new transmission option and will also place paddle shifters, as well as a feature they call “Grin Shift.” Rumor has it, the name of the feature was chosen because it makes the driver smile while using it!

The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Eight-speed Dual-clutch Transmission
The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

An Eight-speed Dual-clutch Transmission and Paddle Shifters

The company shared some details about their upcoming automatic transmission hatchback, pointing out it will have an eight-speed dual-clutch and that it will be coming soon. The new transmission will be based on an eight-speed dual-clutch unit that experts assume is the same as the transmission that’s being used for the Sonata N-Line, which is also expected in the near future.

Hyundai’s Instagram post shows that there will be paddle shifters on the steering wheel and a great-looking shift knob. The board will also have a special display in the gauge cluster that reveals what Hyundai calls a “Grin Shift” mode. Although it’s still unclear what exactly that means, it sure sounds fun! The teaser reveals that there are light-up seat inserts which look quite interesting and may just be a new option for people interested in purchasing the Veloster N.

Hyundai Veloster N's Interior
The Hyundai Veloster N Gets an Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission

The Dual-clutch Transmission Should Improve Acceleration

Hyundai’s Veloster N has a sole engine option: its turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four comes with 250 horsepower, or there’s a more impressive 275 horsepower for the Performance package available as well. The new dual-clutch transmission is expected to help improve the acceleration when compared to the manual transmission. During testing, the manual Veloster N did zero to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds.

Enthusiasts are looking forward to learning more about the new dual-clutch model and its capabilities. It is expected to be available for the 2021 Veloster N and this version should be in the U.S. later this year.