Koenigsegg’s 1,700 bhp Gemera Combines Comfort With Top Performance

The new Koenigsegg Gemera is here, and it’s being compared to the Ford Focus. How does it line up?

Looking to Replace Your Ford Focus?

Then you must be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices – but they might be worth it. Let’s start with the negatives.

The Focus can comfortably fit up to five people. The Gemera, on the other hand, can fit only four. Focus is available with five doors, but you get two on the new Koenigsegg Gemera.

On the plus side, you may consider the Focus’ doors to open in a boring way, but that’s not the case with this 1,700 bhp family vehicle.

Koenigsegg’s Gemera
Koenigsegg’s 1,700 bhp Gemera Combines Comfort With Top Performance

Koenigsegg’s Luggage Space, Compared to That of Focus

A hatchback version of the Focus has about 341 liters of boot space with the rear seats up. When you fold down the rear seats, space gets even bigger – up to 1320 liters. It’s a spacious family vehicle you can enjoy as your daily driver. The Gemera, on the other hand, has a total luggage volume of just 200 liters. However, the Koenigsegg allows you to opt for a roof box, and as every family will confirm, roof boxes are way cooler than regular old boots.

Koenigsegg Gemera Interior
Koenigsegg’s 1,700 bhp Gemera Combines Comfort With Top Performance

Is the Engine Bigger Than That of a Regular Ford Focus?

Gemera has the same number of vehicles. However, where the Focus’ three-pot is a 1.0-liter, Koenigsegg’s newest model is a 2.0-liter. When talking about horsepower, the Focus makes around 100bhp, and the Gemera makes 600bhp. How did they do this? There is no magic – it’s pure engineering.

Is Gemera More Affordable Than a Ford Focus?

No, not at all.

But 600bhp From a 2.0-liter. How Is This Even Possible?

That’s not all. Just like the Ford Focus, the three-cylinder engine powers the front wheels. Unlike one of the most renowned models of Ford, the Gemera also features three electric motors, one on each wheel, and one on the engine’s crankshaft.

When all systems are working together, the Gemera makes 1,700bhp, 2580 pound-feet of torque and can go from 0-62 mph in 1.9s. Sounds impressive, right? It surely is.

Will this be your next family vehicle? The choice is only yours.