Want to Buy a Lamborghini Huracán? You Can’t — It’s Already Sold Out Till 2024!

The Lamborghini Huracán Is Sold Out Till 2024

Lamborghini’s iconic model Huracán is conclusively sold out. The brand states that after nine years of Huracán, its production is at a halt and no longer available for purchase. The supercar has received enough orders to keep the production line busy until its successor model is launched. The newer prototype of the model is expected to be introduced in the coming year.

Financial Report of 2023

Financial Report of 2023

Apart from stopping the manufacturing of Huracán, Lamborghini also released its first-quarter sales and revenue for 2023. The report indicated that the brand has done so well that they already surpassed the achievements of 2022. When it comes to revenue, the brand registered a growth of 22.8%, earning over 700 Million Euros. They also concluded that Lamborghini had gained a new high in the first quarter of 2023, surging to 260 Million euros and making a profit of 35.7%. The company sold 2,623 cars in Q1 of 2023, much higher than the 84 models they sold in 2022. Of the total, 1599 were Urus SUVs while the others were Huracán and Aventador models. Aventador’s successor, Revuelto, a hybrid V-12-powered automobile, was launched earlier in March and is also sold out for the next two years. The brand is even planning to hybridize the Urus model in the year 2024.

Lamborghini Huracán

Huracán made its debut in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show. The LP610-4 model was priced at around 30 Million with a 5.2-litre, V-10 engine providing a top speed of 325 km/hr. Another version of Huracán was Sterrato which was revealed at the end of the 2022 Art Basel in Miami. The model came into the market as a replacement for Huracán’s LP610-4 model with significant changes. Since the automobile is no longer in production, the development of V-10 engines also stops. There’s a possibility that the brand may roll out the newer hybridized model just like Revuelto. Else, they might come up with something entirely new, shocking the market.