The London Rolls-Royce Showroom is a Luxurious Dream

If you’re going to buy one of the world’s most luxurious and coveted cars, you are already a league above everybody else. But Rolls-Royce goes a step even further. If you’re stepping into the brand’s recently opened flagship London store, you’re not only part of a roster of exclusive clients they cater to in that store, but you also get to enjoy the height of opulence and hospitality. Read on to know more about how it feels to be a customer at the Roll-Royce store for a day!

The Store

The Rolls-Royce London flagship store was opened just about a year ago. The showroom is set up in the heart of Mayfair on Berkley Street and is close to the birthplace of brand co-founder, Charles Rolls. The store’s design is significantly inspired by the clean lines of the Shanghai store. The store uses a lot of white marble and large screens to make a statement. The screens display various brand-related things, like Rolls-Royce’s first collaboration with NFT and all electric Spectre 2023’s testing program. The store keeps many Rolls-Royce cars for you to browse through, like Cullinan, Wraith, Phantom, and Ghost Black Badge!

The Rooms

The store not only has a huge display of cars and the feel of heightened luxury, but it also boasts several rooms and areas for the clients to stroll through. There’s a bar area where the clients can hang out and chill, there’s a peculiar cabinet of curiosities filled with books and other intriguing objects that may spark ideas for new creations. However, the main attraction of the showroom is the atelier room, where you can go to design your own car. The room is dominated by a huge central table where the clients and the Rolls-Royce team can sit down and discuss everything from paint colors to interior details.

The Process

The truth is, you cannot buy Rolls-Royce off the rack. Even if the showroom has stock, your car will be built from the ground up, especially for you. Whatever suits your whimsy will be made for you and incorporated into the car. Elliott Trousdale, sales executive of the London showroom, states that they once made a car incorporating all the colors of the flag of Sri Lanka on the demands of the client. The opulent hospitality doesn’t end with making decisions, when you come for the final time, the company hands you a bouquet, a bottle of bubbly, and of course, your newly commissioned Rolls-Royce!