McLaren Has Lifted the Lid on the New Speedtail Hyper GT Car

There’s no doubt about the fact that the transport world is going even further into the field of electric power, and while many people assume that hybrid cars are just clunky family wagons, hybridized hypercars are quickly proving that assumption to be wrong. In fact, the McLaren Speedtail hyper GT is the newest addition to this stylish group of speedy hybrid electric cars, and McLaren has now lifted the lid on the specifics that go into this incredible feat of engineering.

McLaren Have Lifted the Lid on the New Speedtail Hyper GT Car

Making a Statement

McLaren has always been a leader in the car world, but it seems as though they have really knocked it out of the park with their new Speedtail hyper GT. That’s because it comes complete with the highest specific battery power of any production road car, and it has been able to achieve a top speed of an incredible 250mph. This has allowed it to set a brand new record and benchmark for hypercars that offer a hybrid electric drive system.

Working on the Insides

This car manufacturer has worked hard to bring this new car to life, and they have made sure that everything is in tip-top shape underneath the bonnet. That’s not only because it features McLaren’s signature 4.0-liter V8 engine but they have also souped it up with a lightweight air-intake system, a revised piston head design, and an improved cylinder head. McLaren engineers have also worked incredibly hard to ensure that the electric side works to the best of its abilities.

McLaren Have Lifted the Lid on the New Speedtail Hyper GT Car

Looking Good

Of course, it’s not just the insides that look good, as this hypercar is also undeniably aesthetically pleasing. This three-seater hybrid offers a sporty look complete with a low vehicle weight and aerodynamic profile that helps it reach optimum speeds.

So, what do you think about the McLaren Speedtail? Do you approve of the hybrid hypercar?