The McLaren Elva Broke The Rules To Make Roading More “Pure”

Some rules are meant to be broken. But not many people would say that taking the windshield out from the cockpit of a car is a good idea. McLaren, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great idea – and now he’s made it a reality.

And yes – the term cockpit has perhaps never been more applicable in a car as opposed to a plane or even a spaceship than it is now with the new McLaren Elva. $1.7 million is just the base price for the new McLaren Elva; a sound system and other features are available for additional costs. But the lack of a windshield in the front is almost not an option at all (although in a few states it will be legally required, and even then it will still cost extra).

We have to admit – a windshield that isn’t attached to a roof of any kind might look funny.

Wait, no roof you say?

The McLaren Elva Broke The Rules To Make Roading More “Pure”

That’s correct! This car isn’t a convertible, where you have the option of taking the roof down at will – it’s actually roofless. But it does have something instead: an Active Air Management System, which is kicked into gear when the car is kicked above 25 MPH (it hasn’t been deemed necessary at suburban street speed limits). This system channels air through the cars front nose, and sends it out around the car rather than inside, creating an “air windshield.” This redirects air around the cabin, leaving the passengers with what McLaren describes as a “bubble of calm” inside. There is an additional small carbon fiber wind deflector at the front of the car helping to redirect the air as well. And with an the automatic rollover protection system, as we’ve seen in some other car models, the lack of a roof shouldn’t be a risk – despite its 804-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine. That combined with the lack of a sound system do seem truly engineered for a pure roading experience.

But does it work? The first drivers and passengers have said yes.

Will Lamborghini’s mission to disrupt the future of electric supercars work? You’ll have to stay tuned and find out.

The McLaren Elva Broke The Rules To Make Roading More “Pure”