The Paris Auto Show is Officially Canceled for Fall 2020

The Paris Auto show has been officially canceled. It was set to take place this fall 2020 in Paris, France. Typically, this show takes place every 2 years in the capital of France. The press days were planned for September 29 and 30, 2020, while the public days were from October 1 through 11, 2020. But circumstances are what they are, and this year there was no choice but to pack it up and push “pause.”

The Paris Auto Show is Officially Canceled for Fall 2020

A Virtual Auto Show Possible

There were no details given from the organizers of the event, who announced that it had been canceled. But in the current health-crisis climate, it wasn’t too hard to predict. It is likely that some events will be live-streamed on Internet platforms as they were in early March after the auto show in Geneva was canceled.

Even though the scheduled dates are months away, there is still too much uncertainty over what might unfold between now and then. Organizers of the Paris auto show have decided to officially cancel the event. They expect the automakers to still announce their new vehicles and share news through social media and live-streaming platforms.

Paris is now joining cities like Geneva, New York, Shanghai, and Detroit, which have all canceled their shows or been affected in some way.

The Future of Auto Shows

Organizers noted that the show would never be as it once was and that the existing cancellations will teach them to be more innovative and creative in the future.

Even though the traditional auto show won’t take place, there are some elements of the overall Paris Motion Festival that will still go ahead as planned.

The Paris Auto Show is Officially Canceled for Fall 2020

These peripheral events include the Movin’On innovation and the sustainability summit, along with the Smartcity show.

The Paris Auto Show attracted more than 1 million visitors in 2018 and was intended to be one of the biggest shows this year.

This year’s auto show was meant to focus on the future of tech and mobility. It was supposed to help reinvigorate the popular car show which was pretty quiet in 2018, despite its large crowds.