Rolls-Royce Redefines Luxury With its Most Expensive Car

With coolers for champagnes, parasol, and accessories to set up a luxury picnic, the exclusive Rolls-Royce Boat-Tail is a novel design tailor-made for customers. Unveiling the new and luxurious Boat-Tail mode, Rolls-Royce proves that it’s the rightful holder of the record for producing the most expensive car on the market. The model wears the crown of being the most expensive car in the world. To date, only one piece was exclusively manufactured for an anonymous client and is priced around $28 million.

A New Legacy

The Boat-Tail model is said to be made solely at the request of a globally successful couple, who have previously owned these luxurious cars. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, said that the Boat-Tail model was born out of the desire to create a legacy and as a toast to success, calling it the culmination of collaboration, effort, ambition, and time. He believes that the Boat-Tail mode forges a crucial moment in the brand’s history and in the contemporary lavish landscape.

Luxury at its Finest

This project took four years to develop, design, and roll out. The one of its kind, 100% handmade bodywork of the car exudes luxury. The outside is covered in a shade of blue – a color loved by the customer – subtle and retro in the shade – but the rays of the sun bring out a bright and energetic aura to the metallic and glass flakes embedded paint. The process involves digitally mastering a virtual model and forming a frame in which aluminum sheets are manually forged. It also entails finalizing the designs and reconfiguring the architecture to support the generous proportions of the Boat-Tail.

The most remarkable features of this opulent vehicle are in the trunk. Opening the trunk unfolds an umbrella and accessories to set up an impromptu, a-la-mode picnic. The accessories include chairs, glasses, and a pair of coolers, which hold bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne.