The Apple Car Has Been Delayed Again

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There’s no denying that Apple is an innovator in the tech industry, but it seems to be falling behind when it comes to the automotive industry. The company has been teasing its cars for over a decade, but its release has been delayed yet again. Now, the Apple car is set to come out in 2028. However, if you ask us, there will probably be more delays to come.

Constant Delays

Rumors of Apple building a self-driving EV began back in 2014, with the company eventually saying they’d begin production in 2024. However, that has since been pushed back to 2026, and now to 2028. While it’s unclear exactly what the issue is, many suspect that Apple has bitten off more than it can chew with this ambitious endeavor.

Fully Autonomous?

Originally, Apple was boasting that their car would be fully autonomous, meaning completely self-driving. However, that seems to no longer be the case. Due to “technology limitations.” the company has stated that the car would be fully autonomous on certain highways but not anywhere else. On that same note, the initial design didn’t include a steering wheel or pedals, but the new one does. Apparently, Apple wants to expand the car’s self-driving abilities after the launch.

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It seems that the company is eager to get something – anything – out on the market, and we can’t blame them.