Could It Be That The Best Volkswagen Bus Isn’t Actually Built by VW?

The Volkswagen Bus is one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of car manufacturing. However, fans of that ‘hippie bus’ have been waiting for years for VW to come out with another Bus design that’s as well-loved. It turns out that this adorable eBussy by Electric Brands might be the VW Bus you’ve been waiting for.

Inspired By The Past

Sometimes design has to look back to move forward. Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the future of the motor industry, and the eBussy is definitely an ode to the Volkswagen Bus. Electric Brands is looking to bring this VW Bus-style EV to the market in 2021. The company launched in 2018 when it decided to make electric scooters, but has now set its sights on the full-sized EV market.

Packing A Punch

This cute-looking van has a ton of features that make it an intriguing prospect for the future of motoring. The eBussy comes in 10 different body types ranging from minivan to pickup truck. There is even an off-road version for those who like living on the edge.

Not only does the eBussy have easily accessible batteries, but it even extends its driving range by being partly solar-powered. Electric Brands also plans on having power banks that allow drivers to exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones.

Mixing Things Up

Another added bonus of the eBussy is the fact you can change where the steering wheel sits. It can be positioned on the left, right, or middle of the dashboard thanks to drive-by-wire technology. The interior can be rearranged to suit drivers’ needs by configuring the seats in a way that works for you.

The eBussy is made in Germany, with prices starting from $18,273. If you’re tired of waiting for VW to bring us an updated Bus that we can all love, then the eBussy might be the vehicle for you.