A Bulletproof Aston Martin Vantage Is All Ready to Hit the Market

The life of a secret agent can be hard! You may not fancy such a life, but you certainly won’t be able to stop yourself from swooning over the stylish and futuristic gears they use on screen. And now you can lay your hand on a Bond-style bulletproof car for real. From the brand famous for gearing up the most conspicuous secret agent in the world, behold the latest creation of AddArmor, the bulletproof Aston Martin Vantage!

The Armored Car

The baby V8 engine-based new Aston Martin Vantage comes with a complete suite of armor for those who expect the unexpected! The new car incorporates all the features of the company’s exclusive B4 level protection. The features include bulletproof glass, a blast-resistant hardened steel roof, stronger doors, a fuel tank protector shield, and an armored firewall. Every component of the car is made from the specific ‘composite’ materials the company uses to craft its cars. Equipped with a set of run-flat tires, any escape you have to make is easy peasy.

Other Features

The car also comes with additional armored furnishings, such as shock door handles to prevent unwanted entry and tamper-resistant exhaust covers to thwart foreign objects from getting inserted. Though more lightweight than others, the Kevlar armoring features have considerably beefed up the weight of the car, adding almost 204 kg to the model. According to Pete Blaber, the AddArmor spokesperson and former US Special Ops veteran, incorporating the lightweight safety armoring on this model of Aston Martin Vantage was of the utmost importance to the company. As Blaber aptly explained, speed is an undoubtedly valuable asset on the open road, particularly in any dangerous situation. In such cases, this incredible suit of armors of the car will do their job, enabling the driver to focus on speed only.