Ford Calls For Full Electrification of Cars by 2035

It’s not just individuals anymore who are working towards a greener Earth. Big companies are bringing about a much-needed change in their working patterns to go forwards toward a more sustainable and long-lasting working model. One of the sectors that have seen a massive change is the automotive sector. More and more car companies, like Mercedes and BMW, are working towards making most of their models electric. The latest to have joined the electrification of cars, in full force, is Ford, which has called for making EVs mandatory in the next decade.

The Call for a Mandate

The electrification of cars has been the biggest change in the automobile industry in recent times. Car company Ford has recently signed a petition calling for the EU to make electric vehicles mandatory by 2035. Chair at Ford Europe, Stuart Rowley, commented that the target is to make all Ford vehicles emission-free by 2035. For the same, he stated that EU policymakers also need to build an electric charging infrastructure that could accommodate the growing demand for EVs. To achieve the required level of development, there need to be compulsory national targets to be achieved.

Other Companies and the Change

Ford is the latest in the line calling for electrification. Jaguar has outright committed to being a hundred percent electric by 2025. Aaron Martin also aims to be fully electrical by 2030. Honda and Audi on the other hand are looking at a longer timeline and planning to phase out fossil fuels from their portfolio around 2040. Other companies walking on the same path include Porsche, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes, Mazda, etc. EVs aren’t rolling out at the same speed in different regions. While some places aim to be completely electrical as soon as possible, some countries in Europe may continue to sell diesel and petrol cars for decades to come, depending on the infrastructure.