Ford And Rivian Are Teaming Up On An Electric Vehicle Project

Sometimes, it can feel as though there’s no end to the number of ideas car companies have created over the years. Now, it looks as though two significant companies are joining forces as Ford and Rivian are teaming up on an electric vehicle project.

Ford And Rivian Are Teaming Up On An Electric Vehicle Project

Making Their Mark

Rivian was the talk of 2018’s LA Motor Show as the company announced they had almost finished work on two brand new cars. The company has been using a skateboard platform as the basis for this five-seat pick-up truck and their seven-seat SUV – both entirely electric vehicles. That’s not all. Now, it appears that Rivian is teaming up with Ford to make a brand new electric vehicle.

All The Additions

The skateboard platform comes with a host of additions, such as a thermal system, braking, suspension, drive units, and the battery that all provide a low center of gravity and plenty of room inside the vehicle. Their two planned cars are also thought to reach 60 mph in just 3 seconds while their charge gives drivers a range of up to 400 miles. Sadly, production of the cars won’t be starting until 2020.

Ford And Rivian Are Teaming Up On An Electric Vehicle Project

Joining Forces

Ford has dominated the car scene for many years, but now they are branching out even further as they have invested a whopping $500 million into Rivian. It’s believed that Ford will be using the skateboard platform as the basis for two brand new cars. Many companies are now opting to switch to electric, and it seems as though Ford want to invest in a tried and tested basis for theirs.

In The Works

Not only has Ford invested into the company, but it looks as though the two creators will be working together on to of Ford’s new models. There are currently talks of a battery-powered edition of the F-150 pick-up truck as well as a new car that has been heavily inspired by Ford’s classic Mustang. It looks as though this could be the start of something amazing for the two companies.

Many car companies have collaborated on various projects over the years. However, Ford and Rivian teaming up on an electric car project could be some of the most exciting news to hit the world of motoring in recent years.