The Future Of Head-Up Displays Is 3D

Let’s face it, car interiors have gone from simple spaces to ones that are covered in switches and flashing lights for all occasions. In fact, they often now resemble sci-fi interiors rather than the vehicles we are used to. Now, it seems as though the future of head-up displays is 3D.

Paving The Way

Jaguar Land Rover are the ones behind the new head-up displays. The interior will no longer just project written messages, but it will also feature 3D objects in front of the driver. It seems as though all of this car tech is starting to get a little out of this world.

The Future Of Head-Up Displays Is 3D

An Immersive Experience

These head-up displays are thought to make driving a more immersive experience for driver. Notifications, such as lane closures and sat-nav directions, will now be projected onto the windscreen where it looks as though the instructions are on the road ahead.

Helping Drivers

Why do we need 3D head-up displays? JLR says that their new design should improve reaction times and means that drivers no longer have to take their attention off the road to look at a screen. Instead, everything they need will be right in front of them.

The Future Of Head-Up Displays Is 3D

A Help Or Hindrance?

Could this really just be another way to distract drives? JLR is confident that their new tech will be nothing but a help to drivers. After all, we currently have to look down at screens and use touch controls. Having everything right there could save a lot of distractions – if JLR can pull it off.

Car interiors have been through plenty of changes over the years. Now, it seems that the future of head-up displays no longer stops at the windscreen. No, the 3D objects could be more immersive than ever before. All we can do is sit back and wait to see how JLR pull it off.