World War II Veteran Marks 100th Birthday With a Vintage Cars Parade

Bugatti Type 35
World War II Veteran Marks 100th Birthday With a Vintage Cars Parade

It was a sunny bright afternoon on Veterans Day earlier this month, just a couple of weeks before Notley’s official 100th birthday on December the 13th. Notley watched as a rare 1927 Bugatti pulled to a stop right in front of her. She is a World War II veteran with the Women’s Army Corps and a long-time Latin teacher. Notley enjoyed the big surprise visit from Bugatti. They led a caravan of luxury cars specially arranged for this celebration, courtesy of local nonprofit Rides for Hope KC.

Notley shares that a hundred years are long. It’s a century, but she thinks that it’s been a good right and she is glad that she made it this far. Notley also says she is very pleased.

Rides for Hope KC also celebrated the observance of Veternas day, along with staff and residents of Shawnee Hills Senior Living.

Parade of Vintage and Luxury Bugatti Cars

Ms. Notley at Veterans Day Parade
World War II Veteran Marks 100th Birthday With a Vintage Cars Parade

Tracey Anderson, who is with Rides for Hope KC, shared that they organized the celebration and drove some good for a woman. They had heard about her fascinating story and just with the love of cars that they share, they couldn’t get out there fast enough to show their respect and honor for Mrs. Notley, with a parade of vintage and luxury cars.

A Lifetime of Serving and Teaching

Born on December 13th, 1920, Notley grew up in Detroit. She spent her childhood participating in the Girl Scouts organization. While at Thomas M. Cooley High in Detroit, she even learned Latin and graduated in 1938.

After high-school, Notley went to Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio. She continued to study English literature and Latin, and she enjoyed playing bridge with her friends. Ater Notley graduated college, she enlisted in the Women’s Army corps and served during WWII.

On Veteran’s Day at Shawnee Hills Senior Living, Notley leaned forward to lay her hands on the 1927 Bugatti, along with a parade of other luxury and vintage cars. She never owned one. At the celebration, Notley sang a few remnants of Army songs like, “Hail Hail, the Gang’s All Here,” and she reminisced her lifelong passion for race cars.

Notley is grateful and happy about how the event was organized. Rides for Hope KC made her special day even more special.