This 14-Year-Old Won Pole in Her First F4 Race

When it comes to racing, first place is everything. This 14-year-old racer has already tasted success by taking pole position in her very first F4 race.

This 14-Year-Old Won Pole in Her First F4 Race

Racing Like a Pro

When Juju Noda, the daughter of former Formula 1 driver Hideki Noda, was just 12 years old, she was already the captain of a Formula 3 team. That was two years ago, and now that she is 14, she has taken the next step in her professional racing career. Juju had to wait until she was 14 to be legally allowed to race in an open-wheel Formula 4, and the young racer didn’t waste any time in seizing her opportunity.

Racing Debut

In Noda’s Danish F4 debut in June, the young driver proved that she has what it takes to become a star. For the first of three season-opening races, Noda qualified in first place. She won her pole position after her racing rival Conrad Laursen’s qualifying time was disqualified. Noda took the opportunity of pole and ran with it as she stormed to take the race victory. Not only did Noda manage to put herself in pole position in her F4 debut, she also won her first race.

This 14-Year-Old Won Pole in Her First F4 Race

One to Watch

Everything that Juju Noda is doing so far in her career is a sign that she will become a motor racing star in the future. She is already four years ahead of Formula 1 star Max Verstappen, who didn’t win an open-wheeled race until he was 17. Noda finished the first race weekend of the F4 season with 37 points, placing her in fourth in the rankings, and she had four more race weekends to increase her ranking.

Juju Noda has already gotten her first taste of success in the world of open-wheel racing. She looks set to become one of the brightest stars of the future and could race with the elite sooner rather than later.