The F1 Drivers We May Not See in the 2025 Season

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As of the time of writing, only six drivers have their spots confirmed for F1’s 2025 season. That said, the year is still young, and anything can happen. See which drivers will be competing for vacant spots with Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, and who will likely have to sit this one out.

The Contract-Less Drivers

Sergio Perez needs to redeem himself from last season, but it’s unclear whether or not anyone’s willing to give him a second chance. Interestingly, Carlos Sainz is the only Ferrari driver without a deal in place. Things are looking good for the driver, though, as Fred Vasseur has offered some promising words. Lance Stroll hasn’t performed too well, but his spot on the team is pretty secure. That’s because Stroll is a nepo baby – his father is Lawrence Stroll, who is the owner of the team. Fernando Alonso appears to have received plenty of offers, which is unsurprising given his winning track record. That said, the driver is yet to definitively close on any particular deal.

More Competition

Pierre Gasly has some trouble playing well with others, and has a relatively high salary, making his spot in 2025 questionable at best. Esteban Ocon has expressed frustration with Alpine, leading many to believe that he’s looking elsewhere for 2025. Logan Sargeant will have a lot to prove in order to become memorable. That is if anyone will give him another chance. Alexander Albon was extremely successful as a team leader and is unlikely to remain contract-less for much longer. Daniel Ricciardo has absolutely proven himself and even earned a contract extension in 2024, making a 2025 deal extremely probable. This season may be Yuki Tsunoda’s last, as he’s failed to make a big impression in the sport. Zhou Guanyu’s situation looks promising, so fans likely don’t have to worry. Valtteri Bottas has proven himself as a driver, a likable member of the team, and most women’s favorite. Kevin Magnussen has struggled in the past, which arguably wasn’t his fault, but the question will be whether or not others see it that way. Nico Hülkenberg came back from his sabbatical stronger than ever, so he’s probably good to go.

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Who do you think deserves a contract for 2025, and whose time has run its course?