Formula One Releases Their Epic 22-Race Calendar For 2020

We had heard rumors that it was coming, but only recently have Formula One bosses confirmed what we’d all expected… There are going to a record number of races for the 2020 race calendar. With 22 races announced, what can we expect next season?

Formula One Releases Their Epic 22-Race Calendar For 2020

Staying The Same

For the most part, many of the races on the calendar will stay the same. We’ll still open with Australia on 15 March, then finish up with the Abu Dhabi finale on 29 November. Plenty of other races will stay around the same timings as this year, including Silverstone in the UK which is set to be 19 July – after finally agreeing to renew their contract.

New Races

There will be two new tracks for Formula One fans in 2020 – we’ll welcome a street circuit in Hanoi, Vietnam in April and see the return of Zandvoort in the Netherlands in May. It’s believed that Zandvoort is coming back mainly due to the popularity of Dutch driver, Max Verstappen. The staged street circuit in Hanoi sees Vietnam become the 34th country to host a world championship.

Formula One Releases Their Epic 22-Race Calendar For 2020

Other Changes

However, there are some other changes to the calendar. After suffering financially in recent years, it’s time to say goodbye to the German Grand Prix in 2020. Plus, although Italy is on the calendar, for now, they still haven’t agreed to a new contract with F1 bosses. However, it appears that talks are going well and we’re hoping to keep the Italian Grand Prix in its September slot.

As things stand, this could be an epic race calendar for 2020. However, there are still some final talks to be had and contracts to be signed. Let’s just see how it all pans out when the dates get finalized before it all kicks off.