Petter Solberg’s Son Is Already An Incredible Rally Driver At 17

When you have two incredible rally driver parents, it really comes as no surprise that you’re going to want to follow a similar path in life. Luckily, it seems as though Oliver Solberg may have inherited the need for speed from both of his parents. Yep, Petter Solberg’s son is already making waves in the rallying world – and he’s just 17.

Petter Solberg’s Son Is Already An Incredible Rally Driver At 17

Petter Solberg And Pernilla Walfridsson

Just in case you’re unsure who Oliver Solberg’s parents are, let us just explain. Petter Solberg is a former WRC (World Rally Championship) Champion, after making his debut back in 1998. With 52 podiums under his belt, mainly with the Subaru World Rally Team, there’s no doubt that this Norwegian knows his way around a rally course. As if having a WRC Champion as a father wasn’t enough, Oliver Solberg can also thank his mom for his racing genes. Pernilla Walfridsson (now Solberg) was also one of the best female rally drivers in the world. Did we mention his uncle is Henning Solberg, too?! There is no denying that racing is in Oliver’s blood.

The Olympus Rally

The Olympus Rally 2019 took place over the last weekend in April, with 127 miles of stages for drivers to take on. Situated just outside of Seattle, much of the course used to be part of a US round of the WRC. This American Rally Association (ARA) event is a good indicator of who is on the up, and which drivers will be promising in the future. This year, Oliver Solberg decided to take it on.

Petter Solberg’s Son Is Already An Incredible Rally Driver At 17

Finishing First

Considering Oliver had never seen the roads before, spectators were shocked when he finished in first place. His teammate, the current ARA Champion David Higgins, finished in second place – nearly 26 seconds behind the rookie! Just like his dad, Oliver raced in a Subaru WRX STI, and it seems as though the combination of good genes and a good car could take the youngster to the top.

Oliver Solberg may only be 17 years old, and this may only be one rally win, but it seems as though he could be one to watch for the WRC in the future.