This Porsche 99X Electric Racer Becomes Part Of Formula E

Electric vehicles have risen in popularity over the years, paving the way for all sorts of incredible new cars from our favorite manufacturers. Plus, with the rise in Formula E, we’re getting to see the power of electric on a track as well as just on the road. Porsche have decided to enter the ring this year with their new 99X Electric Racer.

This Porsche 99X Electric Racer Becomes Part Of Formula E

Porsche Electric Vehicles

We know that Porsche themselves have been on a big brand shift this year, as they have been moving toward electrification and working hard on their electric vehicle offerings. We’re expecting to see the full launch of their Taycan electric car at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show, which we have been looking forward to since we first heard they’d be releasing an EV. It;s set to be something incredible!

Going Racing

However, it’s not just the Taycan that Porsche have been working hard on behind the scenes! Their new electric racer has allegedly been designed to complement their road vehicle, with the promise that whatever they learn from racing will end up improving their EVs on the road. So, meet the 99X…

This Porsche 99X Electric Racer Becomes Part Of Formula E

Formula E

With Formula E rising in popularity, it makes sense for Porsche to want a piece of the pie. They unveiled the 99X during a Twitch livestream that saw people following clues, directing race drivers around the Porsche warehouse, and finally being treated to the first glimpses of their new racecar. They explained that the 99X will be fully competing next season, but they’re fully prepared to be the rookies as they still have so much to learn.

Knowing how formidable Porsches tend to be on a race track, we can’t wait to see them in the next season of Formula E.