This Is The Track That Could Replace Barcelona In The 2020 Formula 1

With a whopping five tracks facing the potential chop in the 2020 Formula 1, due to contracts expiring, there could be quite a lot of changes next year. However, one of the tracks that’s believed to be in the most significant danger is Barcelona. Luckily, one very exciting piece of news means that losing the Spanish Grand Prix may not be the worst thing to ever happen.

This Is The Track That Could Replace Barcelona In The 2020 Formula 1

Tracks In Danger

There are five key races with contracts expiring this season; Hockenheim, Mexico, Monza, Silverstone and, of course, Barcelona. All five face quite big financial challenges which could mean they don’t take part in the 2020 Formula 1, but Barcelona is in the biggest pot of hot water. After losing government support and their country’s hero, Fernando Alonso, it seems as though we really could be saying goodbye to Barcelona next year.

Hello Zandvoort

In an interview with, a senior source at Formula One has said that a contract has been agreed between themselves and the promoter at Zandvoort. For those who are too young to remember this track, it’s based in the Netherlands and was a crucial part of the F1 calendar until 1985. In fact, they joined the World Championship line-up back in 1952 and only missed four seasons between then and their departure in 1985. So, they’re definitely not ‘the new kids on the block.’

This Is The Track That Could Replace Barcelona In The 2020 Formula 1

Mighty Max

Of course, one of the biggest reasons that the Netherlands want back in for the 2020 Formula 1 could be something to do with Max Verstappen. The Dutch wunderkind has been impressing fans in the Red Bull since 2015, and he’s growing in both popularity and skill. By next year’s F1, Max should be taking on more and more podiums. So, it only makes sense for his home country to welcome him in with open arms. There are still some finer details before the Zandvoort contract can be signed and the track needs extensive repair work. However, all being well, we could be heading to the Netherlands in 2020!