It Turns Out This Car Can Run On A Bottle Of Soda

Lada cars seem to be the kind of vehicle you want on your side at the end of the world. Over the years, plenty of people have tried to destroy its engine by putting all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff in it. In the past, we’ve seen vegetable oil, salt, sugar, and a whole host of bizarre replacements for engine oil being fed to a Lada. The guys at Garage 54 on YouTube decided to push their Lada to its limits, using a bottle of Coca-Cola.

How Long Can This Lada Last On Just A Bottle Of Soda?

YouTube Experiments

Garage 54 is a YouTube channel run by people who love nothing more than playing around with cars. Their videos include replacing a windshield wiper with a glass cutter, using 1,000 AA batteries instead of a standard car battery, and even seeing if a Lada would start after six months underwater. This time, they wanted to show their near-on 3 million subscribers what would happen if they put Coca-Cola in their Lada’s fuel tank.

How Long Can This Lada Last On Just A Bottle Of Soda?

Filling It Up

The Garage 54 team poured an entire bottle of the sugary soda into the fuel tank before jumping in and starting it up. At first, the Lada seemed to have absolutely no issues. Could we really all start using Coca-Cola as fuel?! However, just after the one-mile mark, things took a turn. The engine began to act up, and it looked like this was going to be the end of the experiment after all.

How Long Can This Lada Last On Just A Bottle Of Soda?

What Happened Next

After the car stalled, the guys tried to jumpstart it, but to no avail. When they checked inside the vehicle, it turned out that the oil filter and carburetor were both soaked in Coca-Cola. However, they didn’t want to abandon the car, so decided to drain the fuel system and change the oil filter. Finally, they got their precious Lada back up and running!

It seems as though the Lada really can survive anything you throw at it – including putting soda in the fuel tank! Who needs supercars when you could get a Lada?