Three Amazing Car Trends of 2022

With the pandemic gradually coming to an end, many sectors are expecting significant growth this year, including the automobile industry. Here are a few key automotive trends, which are going to dominate the automotive market this year.

Self-Driving Technology

Yes, self-driving cars are not only sci-fi fantasy anymore! As we move forward with technological advancements, newer wonders are being invented every day. A self-driving car does not need a human driver. Instead, it is operated by using sensory techs like sonar, lidar, or radar. It also uses intelligent odometry measurements in order to detect environmental changes, and maintain a safe speed, accordingly. There are 6 professional automation levels in cars, as per TWI Global. The higher the level, the more advanced the tech. Let’s see if the year 2022 can up the level of this incredible automotive tech.

Improved Safety Features

Improved technology calls for improved safety measures. With time, cars are also fitted with more advanced safety features in order to deliver utmost road safety. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, emergency braking systems, blind-spot detection, electronic stability control, etc. are a few of the top safety techs available. In 2022, potential customers will check their car safety thoroughly, beforehand. According to MotorTrend, the 2021 Mazda 3, Honda Insight, and Subaru Legacy are some of the safest cars on road.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

The safety measures of your own car will fall short to anticipate the different actions of other drivers around you. While on-road, a tiny distraction can cause catastrophic damage to a car or even to a life! The advanced technology of vehicle-to-vehicle communication will allow the vehicles within close range to communicate among themselves and react accordingly, keeping the drivers safe. This means your car can change its function while needed, even without your input. This V2C tech works by exchanging messages on information like speed, location, and direction. Obviously, this tech is leading the expectation list of potential car drivers this year.