Top Tips to Deep Clean and Sanitize a Car’s Interior

Cleanliness has become an important part of our mundane routine. Keeping diseases at bay has become a dominating factor in our thoughts every day. While we try to avoid the crowd and even public transport, we often forget that our personal cars can carry various germs too. So cleaning and sanitizing the interior of cars at regular intervals is a must. There are several ways to wash a car effectively.

Professional Car Wash

If you want to give your car interior a professional disinfecting cleaning, it’s better to pop to your local car wash while on the way to get fuel. Obviously, don’t forget to maintain precautions like contactless delivery, avoiding bare-handed car treatment, etc. Make sure to give focus to all the drain holes. Some revolting gunk may have formed in there by previous autumn’s leaves or winter’s dampness. The air conditioning drain also needs special attention.

DIY Car Cleaning

If you want to take a DIY route, all you need are microfiber cloths and easy-to-apply car polish. And you know what to do next! Try to reach all the nooks and crannies of your car’s exterior, especially the touch points like door handles, window frames, etc. Then it’s time to go deeper! The interior of your car needs a thorough deep clean, as it’s the most used and touched part of a car. First, try to dislodge dirt with water and brushes. Don’t avoid antimicrobial surfaces like the steering wheel. All the switches, levers, and handles are also very prone to built-up dirt and require deep cleaning, just like the flat broad surfaces like seats, windows, dashboard, multimedia screen, glove box, etc.

Helpful Products to Use

Several products are available to clean and sanitize the interior of your car. You can use a cordless Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner to vacuum out dry dirt at the first step. You can also use a few specialist products, particularly for wood or leather finishes in your car interior. Then to sanitize, go for anything with 70% isopropyl alcohol diluted with water. Using hand sanitizer is the easiest way to give your car interiors a quick wipe in between uses. First, apply the sanitizer in a pinch on a microfiber towel or a kitchen towel, and then clean the surfaces. Flubber-style gel cleaner is another wonderful product to get the stickiest bits of muck and dust off of the knobs, buttons, fiddly window controls, and other tricky places.