2019 Was A Very Gray Year For Car Sales In England

The results are in, and can anyone guess what the most-sold car color of 2019 was in England?

If you thought they might want a little variety in their lives, think again. The winner is…gray.


You would think that the people living under predominantly gray skies, staying in primarily gray old rock houses, walking down gray cobblestone streets, might be tired of seeing this color everywhere – no matter how many shades of it there might be. And yet, it isn’t so.

Cloudy English Skies

In fact the English love it so much that gray cars made up 25% of all cars sold in all colors across the whole country.

If you’re wondering how those other colors are faring after the first quarter of sales faded into gray, don’t expect any rainbows…black and white were the second and third most popular. Altogether, that means a total of 60% of car sales last year were in monochrome. But in 4th place, some good news finally comes in the form of a real color: blue! Could be happier, but hey, color beggars can’t be choosers. Red, green follow up their colorful friend blue, and yellow even came in to replace beige for tenth place.


But the British masses public can’t take all of the blame here – car manufactuers don’t make it easy. More than half of the colors almost any model is sold in are in black, white, and various shades of gray.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we’re not advocating everyone go out and add a permanently bright yellow or green machine to their driveways. But there is something to be said of a world with more color – and it is also easy to assume that when your car, all of your neighbors cars, and every other car you see on the street everywhere you go is grey, it might just paint your brain the same color.

It’s 2020 now, people – let’s brighten our world at least a little.