Yet Another Life Size Lego Car – This Time, A Honda Civic

It seems as though every man and his dog is trying their hand at the new trend – life size Lego cars! We have seen some truly incredible examples recently, including the Bugatti that got everyone talking, and now it seems as though Australia wants in on the action with their Honda Civic. If you’re not bored of Lego models of cars yet, read on…

Yet Another Life Size Lego Car – This Time, A Honda Civic

Life Size Lego Cars

For those of you who haven’t been following the trend recently, let us fill you in. Over the last few years, teams of Lego employees and enthusiasts have been combining their love for plastic bricks and automobiles. We’ve seen some truly amazing creations including the Bugatti Chiron (which you could actually drive), the jaw-dropping McLaren Senna, and even a Chevrolet Silverado. Other than the Bugatti, most of these life-sized models can’t be driven, but they look darn cool nonetheless.

Honda Australia

It seems as though Australia wanted in on the life-size Lego car action, which is why the Australian arm of Honda decided to create this Honda Civic Type R. Made from around 320,000 bricks and taking around 1,300 hours to build, the level of detail in the construction is amazing. The Honda Civic was built around a steel frame, but that’s the only custom part of the whole thing – everything else is your standard Lego bricks. That’s pretty impressive!

Yet Another Life Size Lego Car – This Time, A Honda Civic

Lego Masters Show

Honda are supporting the reality TV show Lego Masters, which sees teams of builders come together to create some truly incredible working models. It only made sense, then, that they would build something of their own. While you cannot drive this Lego Honda Civic, as it’s wheels are made out of Lego too, it’s still a mean feat to create something so realistic out of Lego bricks.

If you want to catch a glimpse of this impressive Civic Type R, then you’ll have to be living in Australia! It’s going on tour around the country to promote the Lego Masters show, so keep your eyes peeled. We can only wonder what life-size Lego car will be coming next…