Smart Begins a New Era With Its #1 Baby Electric SUV Model

Our beloved Smart is back, but not as we knew it! The original urban car brand has returned in a new avatar with a brand new model, as the result of a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely. Kicking off an all-new chapter, Smart has come up with an electric SUV crossover model. Named the Smart #1, the new EV has tapped the technology of a future-proof powertrain while retaining the core spirit of Smart.

The Exterior

For the new SUV model, Mercedes has handed over part of the project to Geely, but the DNA of Mercedes is still pretty obvious in the outlook of the car. The rear lights and headlights designs of the model clearly resemble the EQS, EQE, and other EQ models. The 19-inch rims, 2750 mm wheelbase and 4270 mm length are the exterior features that give the model its unique stance. Other design highlights of the SUV include a novel halo roof and concealed handles.

The Interior

The interior of the SUV is a delightful mix of matured Mercedes tech and funky Smart styling. The decent cabin space is dominated by a 12.8-inch touchscreen. It also uses a robust Smart-ID and features an AI-based infotainment system completed with a 3D interface. Behind the wheel, there is a 10-inch HUD prominently installed just above a 9.2-inch full HD instrument cluster. The interior is completed with air-conditioning, ambient lighting, a 13-speaker sonic system, OTA updated peer-to-peer sharing AI techs, and more.

The Specs

Ushering in a new era for the brand, this full-electric crossover baby SUV rides on the new Sustainable Experience Architecture platform of Geely. The car gets 200 kW charging, which is pretty good for up to 80% in 3 hours when using AC, and just under 30 minutes while using DC. The 66 kWh battery gives a range of 260-273 miles, with a maximum speed of 112 mph.