The Top 3 Performance Cars You Can Pick Up For Next To Nothing

Trying to get your hands on a performance car can cost you a lot of money. So what are you supposed to do if you’re looking for performance, but don’t have the cash to afford a newer model? The best option would be to look back at the performance cars of yesteryear.

Many of them still look and perform excellently today, and with a little work, can be just as reliable as they were when they were new. One big difference though, is the price. If you’re a real petrol head and simply want to push a car to it’s limits, then these performance cars should definitely be on your list.

BMW M3 – $10,000

BMW are known for designing some pretty powerful engines and the M3 is no exception from this rule. BMW cars are also known for being incredibly durable and if treated properly, the car will retain it’s value for a long time. While the gearbox has been known to be a little sticky, the M3 delivers on power and handling like a beauty. Jujst be sure to check for a cracked boot floor when buying second hand as this was a common problem.

The Top 3 Performance Cars You Can Pick Up For Next To Nothing

Honda S2000 – $14,000

The S2000 was originally designed to try and give Porsche a run for its money. The humble but stylish roadster still looks pretty cool even by today’s standards and the car is known for being able to handle corners excellently, as well as deliver a pretty mean punch when it needs to in terms of acceleration. The car has also become a collectors favorite these days, so if treated well, it’s value is likely to be quite good.

Honda S2000

Porshce 911 Carrera 4s – $20,000

While finding one of these in good condition and for a good price may be a bit of challenge, it’ll probably be the best budget buy you could ever make. Nothing says stylish performance like a Porsche and you’ll immediately feel glad that you bought this car when you take it for a spin. The Carrera is known for its amazing handling and tight acceleration. It’s also really stylish and retains its value pretty well, so whether this is your first performance car or another collectible – you’ll love driving this car!

The Top 3 Performance Cars You Can Pick Up For Next To Nothing